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EV Charger Installation, Winter Park, FL

As electric vehicles (EV) become popular in Winter Park, FL, we opted to provide EV users with high-quality electric car charger installation services. This eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation can be enhanced more with a charging station in your home. Instead of spending money on inefficient public charging stations, you can save your expenses for other purposes. Also, with an EV home charger, you can take advantage of the stable rates of residential electricity. This means that you save more while you conveniently charge your electric vehicle at home. Allow Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando to make this happen soon.

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Electric Car Charger Installation Winter Park, FL

We have certified, professional, and experienced electricians who are ready to serve all your EV home charger installation service needs. We service all brands, from Tesla, Audi, Toyota, and Honda to Nissan, Fiat, and more. Whether you have an electric passenger car, a delivery vehicle, or a bus, we got you covered. Most of all, our services will not break the bank. In fact, the resulting convenience and savings that you will get from an EV home charging station are more than the installation cost that we offer. Plus, you can apply for Florida rebates and incentives as well as federal tax credits with your eco-friendly transportation and charger.

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Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation Winter Park

We know how difficult and frustrating it is to use a level 1 charger or your traditional outlet at home for your EV especially when this car is what you use every day. Charging within 15 to 50 hours just to top off your EV battery is not fun and definitely not sufficient for your daily needs. That is why we want to make home charging better with our level 2 EV car charger installation service that is available in your area. We can install your charger either in your garage or parking area. Wherever you want it to be, we will make sure that this is done by our experienced electricians taking into consideration your preferences, building codes, and your safety.  

Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation Winter Park

The installation of Tesla home chargers is also our expertise. We will help you access a level 2 charging capacity using your Tesla Wall Connector and make it possible for up to 4 Tesla cars to charge in your home. This is perfect if you have more than one Tesla EVs in your home. Also, after you experience our services, you will never charge your Tesla for 36 to 64 hours with a traditional, level 1 charger. With us, you are sure that your new Tesla charger is safe, durable, and will last long. 

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At Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando, our top priority is your safety and satisfaction. Talk to us to learn more about how we can make your electric car experience better, faster, and more efficient.  

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