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EV Charger Installation, Winter Garden, FL

We support the shift you made in using an electric car and choosing an eco-friendly solution in your transportation. We, at Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando, would like to make the experience better and more convenient with our electric car charger installation service. We can install this helpful device anywhere in your home or business in Winter Garden, FL. You need not suffer from the slow charging capacity of level 1 charging station or your plugging into your traditional outlet at home. Instead, our services will make your life and EV use easier!

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Electric Car Charger Installation Winter Garden, FL

We dedicated ourselves to providing top-quality, professional, and affordable EV charging installation services. Our certified, skilled, and qualified electricians will take care of your needs. Not only that we will install your electric vehicle charger but we will also ensure that your preferences will be taken into account. When you wish your car charger to be inside your garage or outside in your parking area, we will make this happen. More importantly, our services are performed with your safety in mind always. 

Our company believes that public charging is excellent for emergency charging only. Relying on it may not be a practical option especially for working men and women or those who use their EVs for their business. Our expert electricians recommend to you take advantage of EV home charging. Do not worry because we service all brands and models of electric cars, electric buses, or electric delivery vehicles. Get Florida incentives and federal tax credits with your eco-friendly car charger.

Our outstanding services include:

Our Outstanding Services Include

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation Winter Garden

A level 2 EV charging is better, faster, and more convenient charging station than your traditional outlet charging option. While this cost more, this however has can enhance your EV experience. You are sure with this charger that you can charge your EV car within 3 to 4 hours only. Compare that with charging your car from 15 to 50 hours. After we install your new level 2 electric car charger, you will not need the whole day to top off your EV. You can now use your car without worrying about needing emergency charging or experiencing delays for finding public charging stations.

Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation Winter Garden

We make it a point that we serve all EV users that is why we also install Tesla home charging stations. Our certified electricians are knowledgeable and experienced in installing all EVs in the market today. We will make sure that you can use your Wall Connector properly. This will make your Tesla electric vehicle charging a level 2 charging. Therefore, you can take advantage of the best home charging technology present today and not worry about days of topping off your electric car or relying on public charging all the time. 

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Charge your EV at the convenience of your home with our top electric car charger home installation service in Winter Garden, FL. 

At Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando, you are in good hands. Call us today!

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