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EV Charger Installation, Windermere, FL

We are glad that you are one of the electric vehicle (EV) owners in Windermere, FL. We want to be a part of your journey and make your experience more convenient. At Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando, we provide outstanding electric car charger installation service. Our certified, skilled, and experienced electricians are experts in improving the charging capability of your EV. This is by installing a faster and better Level 2 charging station or the Tesla charging station in your home or place of business.

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Electric Car Charger Installation Windermere, FL

Installing home EV chargers is what we do and what we do best. That is why we dedicated ourselves to offering only the best, affordable, and professional electric vehicle installation service in the area. We make sure that apart from the proper technical practices in doing our job, we also take into account your preference. For example, we can install your EV charger either in your garage or parking area, wherever you want it to be. Plus, we have your safety in mind all the time.

We understand that in some cases you might need to use public charging facilities. But with your home charger, this need will be reduced. This means that you can now avoid looking for near charging stations and falling in line just to top off your electric vehicle. You can now use your time for other important reasons. Whatever the brand of electric car or the type of your EV, we will serve you. Plus, you can apply for Florida incentives and federal tax credits for using an EV and an EV charger at home.

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Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation Windermere

From now on, you will never experience a level 1 charging or plugging into your traditional outlet. With our services, the 15 to 50 hours long of topping off your electric car will become 3 to 4 hours only. Level 2 chargers are clearly better and more efficient. This is perfect for working men and women who use their EVs every day. You are sure to come out of your house every morning with your batteries topped off and not worrying about finding public charging stations.

Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation Windermere

As we said, we service all brands of EVs. That is why we will install your Tesla car’s home charger that has the same capability as a level 2 charger for other brands. Using your Wall Connectors, we can make the experience better for you. Your 36 to 64 hours of charging time using a level 1 charger will now be more or less 8 hours of charging. This is perfect for overnight charging. That is possible and we are here to help you.

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At Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando, we will serve you the best we can.

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