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Tesla Car Charger Installation, Orlando, FL

Many electric car enthusiasts are fascinated with Tesla EVs. The models from this innovative company continue to provide new and exciting features. Also, some are becoming more and more affordable just like the best-selling Tesla model, Model 3. Tesla car owners in Orlando are lucky to have Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando for all their EV charger home installation needs. This is because we have a dedicated service for installing your Tesla electric car charger at your own home or business.

Our certified, skilled, and experienced electricians can install Tesla chargers fast, affordable, and professionally. 

We make it a point that we serve all Orlando electric car owners. Come to us for your Tesla home EV charger installation needs!

We Provide the Best Tesla Installation Service

Tesla can charge using all levels of electric chargers. However, the same with other electric vehicle owners, charging a Tesla car in level 1 EV chargers is frustrating. Yes, you can charge your Tesla EV using the traditional outlet because your car comes with the NEMA 5-15 adapter. But in order to top off your battery, you will need 36 to 64 hours of charging. That is not efficient given that you will need days to fully charge your EV. 

Tesla cars can also use level 2 charging stations. A Tesla Wall Connector allows a Tesla electric vehicle to conveniently charge the fastest way at home. With this level, you can charge your Tesla for more or less 8 hours. This also has the ability to share its power supply with other chargers, up to four chargers. This means that if you have more than one Tesla at home, you can charge them all with one EV charger installed in your home. 

You need not go to public charging stations or wait in line with other car owners. Because the problem related to the growing number of Orlando Tesla owners means that many will be using these stations too. You cannot rely on either the slow level 1 charging or public charging because these are clearly inefficient and impractical. 

Instead, you can come to Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando for Tesla electric car charger installations! We will install a level 2 charger with your wall connector. Spend for one-time installation service for you unlimited and convenient Tesla charging. 

Lastly, a Tesla Supercharger is a kind of EV charger that is high-powered. It operates in 480-volt circuits so these chargers are not available in households. For its performance, it is considered a Level 3 electric car charger. It can top off a Tesla electric vehicle within an hour. Because this advanced technology is for Tesla EVs only, other electric car brands cannot charge using the Tesla Supercharger. 

While a Tesla Supercharger is accessible in public, the number is not sufficient yet for all Tesla users in Orlando. The more ideal solution that you have is to hire us for the best level 2 electric car charger installation service. Later on, you will experience the benefits of having your Tesla charger at home.

Have the convenience of fast charging at your home for your Tesla

Why You Need a Tesla EV Charger Installed in Your Home or Business

Charging your Tesla electric car at home is convenient. Just like charging your mobile phones overnight, you can also charge your EV overnight and get it ready for the next day’s grind. The service we offer can also make the charging speed faster. So you will not worry about leaving your house with insufficient battery or looking for public charging stations wherever you are causing a delay on your trip. 

When you charge at home, you will save a lot of money. Residential electricity supply in single-family homes is stable and the rates are lower. Compared to conventional vehicles, you will save more in your fuel budget. Reports show that the cost of charging your EV at home is like the cost of an additional central air conditioner. When you own an electric vehicle, you will realize that you made the right and practical decision for reducing your transportation expenses.

If you are a business owner and you want to expand your customers, you can add a Tesla EV charger in your place of business. This additional service for Tesla electric car owners can introduce your business to more people. Plus, this can put you to the map of EV charging stations in Orlando. Locals and tourists can get to know your business and even buy your products or services as they stay for a while to charge their electric vehicles. 

For both residential and commercial electric car charger installations, we are the premier company you should trust.

We Have Certified Electricians Ready to Serve You

At Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando, we employ certified, experienced, and skilled electricians who will install your Tesla electric car chargers. We make sure that they are committed, dedicated, and kind to you, our customers. They will make sure that they have the information they need to properly and safely install your home or business EV charging station. Whether you want your Tesla charging station to be inside your garage or in your parking area, we will make sure that it will be safe and in accordance with your preferences. We have an organized system and our electricians will communicate with you and ensure that your needs are understood. 

Did you know that 80% of electric car owners charge their EVs at home? They are enjoying the benefits of home charging and so can you. But not all have better, more efficient, and faster EV charging stations at home. But you can with our help! And we are glad to extend that we can assist with making your life easier.

Whether your EV is a Tesla, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, or Kia, or your car is a passenger car, a bus, or a delivery vehicle, Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando will not hesitate to serve you. 

Do you need a Home Charging Station Installed for your Tesla?

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