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EV Charger Installation, Orlando, FL

Orlando has a growing number of electric car owners. Day by day, many are enticed by the benefits of having one as well as the impact that each electric car has on the environment. With this increasing number of EV owners, charging from public EV charging stations may not then be sufficient. A perfect solution to this is to have an EV charging station at the convenience of your home. Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando offers the best, most affordable, and top-rated EV charger installation service for home and business owners alike. From passenger cars and buses to delivery vehicles, we can install your own EV charger wherever you want to be. 

You should know that home EV charging stations come in different sizes, shapes, models, and capabilities. These are generally organized by power output or volts, watts, among others. You should also know how your electric panel works. All these technical terms may not be easily understood by most people. Instead of risking your property and safety, you should leave the electric car charger installation to us! 

Orlando Level 2 EV Charger Installer

Are you going on a business trip, road trip, or a camping trip that you need your electric vehicle to be topped off before you go? You don’t want to charge all day just to prepare for this important trip nor visit all public EV charging stations that you pass by. With a level 2 EV charger installed by our skilled electricians, you can charge for as fast as 3 hours! You do not need to make any extra expense for charging your car in public and except in some cases, not experience any delays for finding the nearest charging stations wherever you may be.

Get to know how our level 2 EV charger installation service can make your life and business better.

Have the convenience of fast Level 2 EV Charging at your own home or business

Why do you need a Level 2 EV charger?

Using a level 1 charger or simply plugging into your traditional outlet may be convenient for its availability. But this accessibility may easily be defeated by another thing – charging speed. You are probably frustrated with how slow your level 1 electric car charger works. This level of EV charger can actually take anywhere from 15 to 50 hours to fully top off a car, depending on the electric car that you have. Because only a few miles of charge results from long hours plugging an electric vehicle, this is also referred to as a “trickle charger” by many.

On the one hand, a level 2 EV charger operates on 240 volts or one that is similar to your dryer and kitchen range. Per hour, it can provide your car about 12 to 60 miles. This charger can then fully top off your EV in 3 to 4 hours. 

It is time to switch to a better, faster, and more convenient technology that is already available in the market. Our professionals highly recommend that you switch to a Level 2 electric car charger. Its ability to charge your electric car is more or less 5 times faster than your old means to charge your EV at home. That alone, you can compare the performance of this charger with a level 1 charging station. After Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando installs your new charger, you will experience how efficient, practical, and convenient it is for you and your family to use your electric vehicle. 

Talk to us if you have questions about this charger. We will make it simple for you to understand how level 2 EV chargers are a better option than a level 1 charger.

ChargePoint EV Chargers

If you prefer a ChargePoint EV charger to be installed in your garage or your parking area, our certified electricians are experienced in installing these chargers. ChargePoint is a company that has been building EV chargers for decades now. All its hardware is UL and CE certified for its consumer’s safety. Many customers prefer this charger because of its consistent reliability and performance. 

The new ChargePoint Home Flex is a level 2 EV home charger that has the capacity to charge up to 9X faster than other chargers. It can deliver up to 50 amps of power to your electric car. Our experienced electricians can set the amperage that matches the capacity of your electrical panel. This charger, if set to 50 amps, can add up to 37 miles range per hour to your EV. You can have it anywhere in your home, whether in your garage or parking area. You can even move it in case you are changing your residence.

Plus, ChargePoint Home Flex uses an app that is available on Android and iOS. This ChargePoint app allows you to track your charging activities, receive reminders, schedule charging when energy is the cheapest, and locate public EV charging stations. More importantly, it offers a 3-year warranty for your EV charger investment.

Experience these benefits and other perks soon! Our expert electricians are skilled ChargePoint installers in Orlando. For all your ChargePoint EV charger installation needs, we are here to provide you with the top-quality service you deserve.

We Are the Best Level 2 EV Charger Installer in Orlando

As you shift to electric mobility, allow us to install your EV charger once so you can charge any time you need to in your home. As the best Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installer in Orlando, you can experience the 5-star service that we deliver for the price you can afford. More importantly, we make sure that you can safely use your newly installed EV home charger.  

Do not look elsewhere because this is what our company specializes in and what we do best. Be one of our satisfied customers!

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