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EV Charger Installation, Lake Nona, FL

Electric vehicle (EV) owners are increasing in Lake Nona, FL. That is great and we are glad that many are realizing the benefits of having an eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation means. Instead of falling in line in public charging stations or enduring the slow level 1 charger from your traditional outlet at home, come to Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando to make the experience more convenient. We will help you take advantage of the availability and stable rates of residential electricity. 

Do you know that by using your electrical car, you can apply for certain benefits from both the state government of Florida and the federal government? Yes, you can apply for tax credits, incentives, and rebates because your transportation uses renewable energy, and the government rewards that.

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Electric Car Charger Installation Lake Nona, FL

Our professional, skilled, and certified electricians are ready to serve all your electric car home charger installation needs. We service any type of car, from a passenger car to a delivery vehicle and bus. If the brand of your car is Tesla, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Audi, Mitsubishi, Fiat, or any other brand, you can come to us. We will make sure that the process is fast, affordable, and more importantly, safe for your property and family.

We also serve the needs of business owners who want to add EV charging as a perk to their shops. Our expert electricians will help you expand your customers with the availability of electric car charging stations in your business.


Our reliable electric car charger installation services include

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation Lake Nona

A level 2 charging station is far better than your existing level 1 charger or your traditional outlet at home. We want you to experience the difference today! From topping off your EV within 15 to 50 hours, you can do that with level 2 charging for only 3 to 4 hours. Imagine how practical and efficient this is for you especially that you need your car for work or errands every day. Our expert electricians will allow you to experience the best home charging technology available today. 

Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation Lake Nona

Because we serve every EV car owner, we can install a Tesla home charger for you in Lake Nona, FL. Our electricians are certified, qualified, and skilled for this too. We will help you use your Tesla Connector Properly for you to access the better, faster, and more convenient level 2 charging station available today. You will no longer charge for 36 to 64 hours to top off your Tesla. From now on, when we install your new charger, you will only charge for more or less 8 hours. That is clearly faster and perfect for overnight charging. With us, you can achieve the best home EV charging solution you need to make your electric car experience the best.

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Our top priority at Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando is your safety and satisfaction. Talk to our experts on how you can make your EV life better and more convenient by electric car charger installation in Lake Nona, FL.

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