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EV Charger Installation, Lake Mary, FL

Electric vehicles are an eco-friendly transportation means for the society to take advantage of. Not only that this reduces harmful emissions but also helps owners reduce fuel costs. Because of these benefits, the federal government and the State of Florida grant tax incentives to EV owners.

We are happy that more and more are patronizing the use of electric vehicles (EV) or hybrids in Lake Mary, FL. The good news is that Premier EV Charger Installation Orlando is here to make the experience even better! We are a company dedicated to providing electric car installation services for both residential and commercial EV charging use. Instead of enduring the slow charging speed of home charging in your traditional outlet, come to us because we want you to experience faster, better, and more convenient charging in your own home. 

EV home charger installation is our expertise!

Electric Car Charger Home Installation Lake Mary, FL

We cover all brands or models of electric cars available in the market today, from Tesla, Fiat, Toyota, and Mitsubishi to Audi, Honda, and other brands. Our certified and expert electricians can install your home EV charger whether you have an electric passenger car, a bus, or a delivery vehicle. We make it a point that our services are available to all. More importantly, we have your safety and satisfaction in mind.

We know how difficult it is to find public EV charging stations in all corners of Lake Mary and Florida. That is why we install the following outstanding services to help make your life easier

Level 2 Electric Car Charger Installation Lake Mary

Level 1 charging is readily available and accessible in all homes. But this advantage is nothing compared to the frustration that slow charging brings. Now, with level 2 EV charging station installation that we offer, you can experience the best home charging technology available today. From 15 to 50 hours of charging to top off your electric car, you will now charge in as fast as 3 to 4 hours. That is more efficient than level 1 charging and public charging as well. 

Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation Lake Mary

While level 2 electric chargers can service all EV brands except Tesla, we also provide Tesla EV charger installation service. Our certified, skilled, and experienced electricians are knowledgeable about the proper use of Tesla Wall Connectors. This charger will be the same as the capacity of a level 2 charger. This means that from plugging in your Tesla to traditional outlets and topping off your vehicle for 36 to 64 hours, you can now charge for more or less 8 hours. You can charge overnight and get ready for the next day with Tesla topped off. No need for public charging and irritating long lines.

Do you need a Home Charging Station Installed for your Tesla?

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